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About us. Meet hte husband and wife team behind Cardi Candle Co.
hello shwmae speech bubble. Bilingual. Shwmae is hello in welsh.

We are Mike & Nikki- Husband and Wife team behind Cardi Candle Co.

I (Mike) am in charge of our socials and pouring our lovely handmade products. Nikki is currently in training, but is the sensible, grounded brain behind the business. By that, I mean that she is the one who keeps me in check and ensures I focus on one idea at a time. I can easily get carried way with myself, and the candle room is full of different oils, wicks and candle jars of all different shapes and sizes!

We started Cardi Candle Co. back in 2019 with a vision to make hand-poured home fragrance products at a reasonable price. Using my previous chef experience, I set about to create a fragrance range that evoked memories, whilst sticking to my love of the planet we live on. We absolutely HATE waste and the non-circular economy packaging that so many brands are known for. How many times will you reuse a ribbon branded with a company's logo? Normally, they are just thrown straight into the bin. Our ethos is that great products should be packaged beautifully, but every aspect of the packaging should be reusable before it is put straight into the recycling system or into landfill. We are firm believers that you can have a beautifully presented product with packaging that can be reused BEFORE it is dumped straight into the recycling system or simply thrown away for landfill.

All of our oils are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and the best quality we can source in the UK.

Our iconic amber glass jars are made using recycled glass and come with aluminium lids, making them completely recyclable or reusable.  We strive to source all of our packaging with our environment in mind. If we receive a box that is good enough to reuse, then we will! We believe in reusing before recycling. Our botanical soy wax melts are presented in glassine paper bags, which are fully biodegradable and recyclable and are garnished with our own homegrown flowers. We enjoy the colours, while the bees and insects enjoy the nectar and when they reach the end of their lives, we dry them out and add them to our melts.

We use fully biodegradable and reusable vegetable starch packing peanuts, instead of that dreaded polystyrene filler to protect your orders in transit.

All of our products are hand-poured in small batches from our home in Cardigan, west Wales, so natural variations are expected and may occur. 

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we love making them!

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